As an entrepreneur, there are literally dozens of graphics that I create for my business each month – none of which are part of client projects! When I first started out in design over a decade ago, programs like those in the Adobe suite were not only intimidating, but out of my reach financially as well.

Today, these programs have been made accessible to the masses, but they offer so many amazing features that it can get a little overwhelming. That’s why I’ve created¬†Graphic Design for Creatives and Content Marketers. With three different paths to choose from, you can determine which course you’d like to take to further your business skills!

Photoshop Edition

Learn how to design your own stunning graphics and cohesive images in Photoshop so you can share your content with confidence and rock your branding in style!



Illustrator Edition

Use artboards to create multiple elements in one document. Learn about vector graphics, how to create your own vectors from PNG files, design custom patterns and more.

Next class starts:
November 2015


InDesign Edition

Learn how to create eBooks, PDFs, contracts, booklets and more so your content and your brand is cohesive and stylish in every document your clients see!

Next class starts:
December 2015