Hi, I’m Laura. This is my story.

Laura James

Laura James


I am a designer and photographer that works with entrepreneurs, freelancers, and family businesses to create strong brand identities that they can b proud of. I started training in photography at age 12, and graphic design at 18. I’ve been formally (and informally) trained in Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, and Dreamweaver. I am a proud military wife and mom of 2.

The Background:

I’ve been working with entrepreneurs, freelancers, and family businesses for over a decade. In fact, I was raised in a family business environment – my parents started their business on my 1st birthday! – and am intimately familiar with both the personal and professional struggles that we all go through. Having grown up with the entrepreneurial spirit, I prefer the freelance life and founded Laura James Studio so that I could continue following my dreams while raising a family.

I believe that...

every brand needs a professional, and unique style that makes it stand out.

I believe that...

every business needs a voice that speaks to their dream clients.

I believe that...

your business is unique, it’s one of a kind. your brand should be too.

You have a business that you want to shine and succeed and I can make that happen with a great brand strategy custom tailored to you.

The Business Story:

My studio officially launched in 2005 as a small graphic design freelance company, and has since evolved into a brand design and development business that caters to creatives, entrepreneurs, and family businesses from all around the world. In 2012, the blog was added in order to share the latest information and tips in business operations, branding, marketing, photography, and more.

If you believe in your business and you have the desire to take it to the next level, then this is where you want to be!

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